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What is TIA (Triad Incubation and Aggregator)?

“Triad Incubation and Aggregator” aims at Make in INDIA and being VOCAL for LOCAL.

Three simple steps to create your own successful apparel brand:
1. Branding and Compliance
2. Design and Production
3. Marketing, Sales and Brand Development.

Project TIA helps in building your startup in the Textile and fashion industry and expand your business in India by offering licensed branding and business development solutions.

Project TIA Program Description

If you want to create your own brand and sell apparels commercially, you must use a licensed brand and have your own design licensing.
It’s expensive when you’re just starting out. Project TIA offers startups an affordable option during the initial growth phase.

Project TIA offers individuals and apparel businesses a chance to grow by using our technology, design and production houses.
While the typical cost of technology, designing and production facility can cost startups a major fraction of their capital, Project TIA provides assistance for a more affordable price.
Project TIA also offers a low-income rates to qualified users and also a subsidy that allows you to create your own brand.

In addition to production space, Project TIA also offers varied business development resources to our budding entrepreneurs in terms of growth and sustainability.
Our workshops, panel and exchange programmes provide a perfect forum for our members to amplify thier business and also be informed about the current trends on various subjects including capital management and marketing.
Our members will also be able to schedule one-on-one financial and business counselling sessions with our executives.

Our memebers will also benefit from our network in the form of introductions to potential sales accounts and access to other market opportunities.

Project TIA also provides our members with Branding, Designing, Production, Marketing and Sales support.

Project TIA Program Goals

We aspire to assist and support a myriad group of Organisations, Entrepreneurs, individual business owners, Social media influences among with optimal business solutions and create a legal pathway for thier growth in the textile and fashion industry.

Who Can Participate in Project TIA?

Anybody can apply including Organisations, Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Social Media Influencers Etc. who are dedicated to formalise and expand their apparel business in INDIA.

Criteria to participate in Project TIA:

• Strong Brand Value, PR and Product uniqueness.
• Comprehensive business plan that you want to invest in and create your own apparel brand and know how to produce, sell and market your product.
• You already have sales or have already gained a fan following for your product.
• You have an apparel business that needs support, mentorship and counselling in order to accelerate growth.

How to Apply

To become a member of Project TIA or know more, just CLICK BELOW or Send in request at your interest or request letters would be viewed by our executives and any form of communication will be sent and recieved electronically.

Your Own 'BRAND' at Affordable Prices

Project Investments are as follows :-

•    CATEGORY 1:     3Lacs
•    CATEGORY 2:     6Lacs
•    CATEGORY 3:     9Lacs
•    CATEGORY 4:     12Lacs